food allergies and sensitivities disclaimer

At Maaz’s Chicken, we understand the importance of food safety and the potential risks associated with food allergies and sensitivities. We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about our menu items to help our customers make informed decisions. However, please be aware of the following:

1. Allergen Information:

Our menu items may contain common allergens, such as gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, or shellfish. While we take precautions to prevent cross-contamination, our food preparation areas are not entirely allergen-free. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our menu items are entirely free of allergens.

2. Cross-Contamination:

Despite our best efforts to prevent cross-contamination, it is essential to understand that our kitchen handles various ingredients, and the risk of cross-contact with allergens may exist. If you have severe food allergies, we recommend exercising caution and using your discretion when consuming our food.

3. Ingredient Changes:

Our menu items and ingredients may change based on seasonal availability, supplier changes, or recipe updates. We strive to update our information promptly, but there may be instances when the online menu does not reflect the most current ingredient list. Please contact us directly if you have specific allergy-related concerns or questions.

4. Customer Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of our customers to inform our staff about any food allergies or sensitivities they may have before placing an order. While we will do our best to accommodate your needs, we cannot guarantee that all requests can be fulfilled. We recommend consulting with our staff regarding suitable menu choices for your dietary restrictions.

5. Disclaimer Liability:

Maaz’s Chicken and its staff shall not be held liable for any adverse reactions or health issues that may arise from consuming our food. Customers with food allergies or sensitivities dine at their own risk, and we strongly advise seeking medical advice if you have any concerns about potential allergens in our menu items.

6. External Ingredients and Suppliers:

Occasionally, our menu items may contain ingredients supplied by external vendors or third-party sources. While we strive to ensure accurate information from our suppliers, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of their data regarding allergens.


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